Iconic Cambridge - Limited Edition
Iconic Cambridge - Chapter 1
Iconic Cambridge - Chapter 2
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Iconic Cambridge - Limited Edition

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       A Kaleidoscopic reading of Cambridge in context – its people, places, history, markers, streets, moods, details, culture, events, its life and pluralism – rich and ever changing patterns. A dense visual archive of this truly of the city as it exists today.

Rahul Mehrotra, Architect and Professor of Urban Design and Planning, Harvard University. Graduate School of Design.

          There are few cities that have been given such loving attention as Camila Chaves Cortes offers the city of Cambridge. She has titled her guide for the image of technological progress because she, like many others, believes Cambridge is a standard bearer for innovation. It is doubtful that the town’s 17th century settlers would accept such a measure, but technological progress is the dominant morality these days.

         Iconic Cambridge is divided into eight parts, each one fully illustrated with maps, aerial photographs and street views. The accompanying text offers a history of the area from first settlement to the present. Ms. Cortes also adds her assessment of the effects of the onrush of innovation.

         In short, for any interested in Cambridge, Massachusetts, here is a complete guide, easy for browsing, fit for careful study.

                                       Sam Bass Warner, urban historian